E-Max cementation Kit

At Vceram Dental Lab, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of solutions for both you and your patients. Our commitment extends to providing an accessible, non-intrusive, and entirely reversible dental appliance through the Vceram E-Max Cementation Kit. This kit ensures an affordable, painless process, giving your patients a beautiful smile effortlessly. Trust Vceram for quality and convenience in dental care.

The Vceram E-Max cementation kit is crafted from our proprietary formula featuring advanced crystallized Acetyl resin, combining remarkable thinness with exceptional strength. This innovative kit empowers us to deliver a thin, robust, and aesthetically pleasing solution that mimics the natural look of teeth. Designed for ease of care, it serves as an affordable and reversible option for temporary or provisional cosmetic enhancement, available for both upper and lower teeth.

Key points about the Vceram E-Max cementation kit:

  • Streamlined production in just a few days
  • Removable for daily cleaning
  • Not intended to strengthen or protect weak teeth
  • Caution against consuming hard foods while in use
  • Design considerations to manage potential thickness addition
  • A straightforward, painless process with immediate initiation
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